• That must be a Cliff Valley kid.

    If there's a Cliff Valley kid around you'll know it. She'll stand out from the crowd in a good way.

  • exceptionally well-rounded

    We understand that school isn't just about academics. We guide kids in their social, emotional, and academic development.

  • academically outstanding

    We tailor our teaching approach so every student is challenged and no individual is left frustrated. CV kids are active learners, decision makers, and problem solvers.

  • remarkably accomplished

    Ask that CV kid about his volunteer work at MedShare. Or what he learned about sportsmanship on the soccer field. Or the water testing he and his class conduct in the local area.

  • notably kind and respectful

    Don't be surprised when you meet Cliff Valley students and they're polite, congenial, and self-assured. They get lots of practice.

independent, nonsectarian, accredited preschool through grade 8


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  • Solar Energy: Just one way we stand out.