Admissions Process

Applying to Cliff Valley is simple – there are just three steps:

1. Submit the application. We use Ravenna for our online application process. Ravenna helps you handle and track all admissions materials online, and it's very easy to use. For your security when you click Apply Now you'll create a Ravenna account (if you don't already have one), and then you'll be ready to apply your student to Cliff Valley.

2. Submit forms to your applicant's current school. You'll also use Ravenna for this part of the process.
– teacher information form
– transcript release form (grades 1-8)

3. Attend a new applicant screening visit. Plan to attend on February 24, 2018 or schedule at your convenience.

Questions about the admissions process, Ravenna, or Cliff Valley in general? Please contact Megan Vitale; she'll be happy to help!