Solar Energy: Just one way Cliff Valley stands out.

It started with some especially curious Cliff Valley kids.

"Why don't we have solar cells?" these students asked during 7th grade science. It was a good question. It inspired these students to write a letter to a teacher's former colleage at the Sierra Club Georgia Chapter. That ultimately led to Southface and Solarize Decatur-Dekalb; these organizations help encourage the transition to residential and commercial solar power.



The analysis began - how much energy the school uses, how much could be generated by solar cells on the roof, and so on. In short, the numbers worked. With the board facilities committee's recommendation Cliff Valley engaged Hannah Solar to install panels on the roof of the gym. The installation was completed in early August 2017 with a capacity of 62.56 kW, more than any other school in metro Atlanta.


Going forward, these and other students will track the solar energy produced at Cliff Valley and help to optimize the extent to which it powers the school. We're proud of the outstanding students and staff that made the project happen, and proud that we teach students to think broadly, ask questions, and understand how science impacts their school and their world.