social and emotional development

Social and Emotional Development


It’s easy to see kids grow – sometimes even over a day or two she’ll look different, and he’ll be just a little taller! It’s also fairly easy to see academic growth – preschoolers will know letters that they didn’t before, a third grader will rattle off math facts in the car.

Social and emotional development can be less obvious and more gradual, but at Cliff Valley we know that it’s every bit as critical to school and life success. We realize that school isn’t just about academics, and we’re practiced at helping kids learn these skills. Our approach is research-driven and broadly applied; CV teachers incorporate social and emotional learning every day.

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of social and emotional work we do with Cliff Valley kids. We welcome the opportunity to share more about why we think CV kids stand out because of their social and emotional skills; visiting is the best way to see them in action!

  • preschool
    • response inhibition
    • attention
    • flexible thinking
  • K-5
    • emotional regulation
    • growth mindset
    • self-control
    • metacognition
  • 6-8
    • self-awareness
    • self-talk
    • mindfulness
    • kindness and empathy