Students begin using technology regularly starting in 3rd grade, when they begin integrating online research and writing projects into their work. We also begin developing computational thinking skills at this time, which develop through the remainder of the curriculum.

Beginning in 6th grade students bring their own laptops, and use them daily. Sixth graders have an intensive computer science unit in 6th grade and learn digital citizenship, computer hardware and networking, binary data through encoding images, cryptography, and current topics in technology. These topics are reinforced - and updated as they quickly evolve - throughout grades 6-8.


Boot Camp

Getting up and running with documents, printing, logging in, good passwords, and effective search strategies

Digital Citizenship

Good practices and bad when posting online, creating a positive online image, avoiding scams, online safety


Parts of a computer, desktop computer assembly, history of computing, troubleshooting


How computers connect to the world at large. communicate with other computers, how the Internet works


Binary numbers, encoding text and images, characteristics of image files, copyright, cryptography

Programming and Computational Thinking

Using, Khan Academy, Code Combat

Other Topics

Presentation software, 3D design, logic, “hacking”, fraud and scams