At Cliff Valley, we provide outstanding education focused on children's academic and social development in a caring, community environment. We do this for every student, every day, every school year.

Whether your child is three or just a year away from high school, we understand that he's one of a kind, and we'll treat him that way. Our approach sets us apart from other independent schools, and this approach applies to all students and classrooms.

Small By Design

With team teachers and fewer than 350 students from preschool through eighth grade, Cliff Valley is distinguished by our teachers' ability to bring the highest level of expertise, experience, and creativity to the classroom setting. Student-teacher ratios range from 4:1 in preschool to 8:1 in kindergarten through eighth grade, and students' experiences reflect this.

Age-Appropriate and Child-Centered

At Cliff Valley you won’t find 3-year olds sitting at desks for a one-hour math lesson, but you will find them playing number games, exploring temperature changes, and making all kinds of estimates. Whatever class you visit, you’ll see students getting what they need for their specific age and level of development. Developmentally appropriate education has been a Cliff Valley hallmark for over four decades. Child-centered instruction provides more opportunities for students to be actively engaged in learning and provides teachers with more opportunities to assess how students are progressing.


Enrichment classes are part of the comprehensive experience we offer students. While many schools are reducing or eliminating enrichments, we continue to find ways to strengthen and enhance students’ learning with these programs. Weekly instruction is provided in the areas of fine arts, music, foreign language, physical and health education, environmental education, and technology.


Our differentiated approach requires an in-depth understanding of each student – which our teachers have the skills and time to obtain. It’s not “one-size-fits-all.” Teachers are able to meet each student’s needs based on ability, interests and learning style. Essential curricular concepts are constant, but here, truly, no child is “left behind” – we tailor experiences so all students are challenged, and no student is left frustrated. In a differentiated classroom, all students are regularly offered choices and are matched with tasks compatible with their individual learning styles.

A Reflection of our World

Our nonsectarian school welcomes and respects children and families from all backgrounds and beliefs. We value diversity, and instill in our students an appreciation for the world’s varied traditions and experiences.