executive skills

Executive Skills

Students need to get things done, but getting things done doesn’t always come naturally. We work with students to develop and practice the cognitive processes they need “to engage in purposeful, organized, strategic, self-regulated, goal directed behavior*.” Our approach is research-driven and broadly applied; all CV teachers incorporate executive skill development in the classroom.


Here’s a sampling of executive skills we hone at Cliff Valley. We welcome the opportunity to share more about how CV kids use executive skills every day; visiting is the best way to see them in action!

  • flexibility/shifting
    • ability to make smooth transitions
    • change problem-solving strategies midstream
    • adapt to changing conditions in environment
  • task initiation
    • getting started on a task in a timely manner
    • starting a task with enough time to finish it well (avoiding procrastination)
    • independent idea generation
  • organization
    • orderliness of one’s work and play environments
    • having materials needed to start tasks
    • having a good “system” to keep track of belongings
  • time management
    • time estimation and allocation for tasks
    • balancing the right amount of “detail” with “big picture”
    • meeting deadlines

*George McCloskey, PhD.