clairmont road improvements

Clairmont Road Improvements by Cliff Valley

Cliff Valley parents will remember their challenges when turning left into school prior to the construction of our new campus entrance, and neighbors will recall the volume and speed of cut-through traffic (some CV and some non-CV). Cliff Valley recognized the safety issue, took decisive action to correct it, and ended up benefitting all Clairmont Road motorists in the process.


Cliff Valley School funded the new campus entrance and all changes to Clairmont Road, donating CV land to the road project. Motorists now enjoy better safety at zero taxpayer expense.


We completed construction of our new campus entrance early in 2017. The new entrance allows safe left turns, keeps Cliff Valley vehicles out of surrounding neighborhoods, and increases the safety of Clairmont Road motorists, while preserving the tree-lined nature of Clairmont Road and decreasing water runoff.The new campus entrance features:

  • Turning lanes on Clairmont Road that improve safety for all motorists
  • More sidewalk along Clairmont for pedestrians
  • A reduction of impervious surfaces
  • The preservation of mature trees whenever possible
  • Over 100 new trees and attractive landscaping
  • Buffer areas ranging from 30-40 feet (required distance is 10 feet)
  • Two lanes for exiting traffic